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Harry Potter - The Most Amazing Quiz

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Can you tell a Jobberknoll from a Bowtruckle? How old do you think Nearly-Headless Nick might be? What happens when you cast the spell serpensortia? And if he wasn’t such a mummy’s boy, where do you think Draco would have otherwise been schooled?
From easy questions that any old muggle should know through to trivia that even the Wizengamot would struggle to answer, this quiz is sure to keep you entertained for hours.
J.D. Kelly hosts this varied and enjoyable quiz which will decide once and for all who knows the most about JK Rowling’s magical wizarding world. Whether you’re playing alone for fun, or you’re having a deadly serious competition with friends, this is the perfect audiobook for listeners of all ages.
Ten questions are asked at a time before the answers are revealed, so it’s easy to play along whether you’re writing the answers down or calling them out as you go along. So get ready to test your knowledge… let the questions begin!
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Andrews UK
Andrews UK


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