Duke Tate,Ken Tate

The Architect

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She received a note in a rare out of print book addressed to her. Intrigued, she decides to follow it to a strange address in Hawaii.
Architect Meg Summers is about to land her dream job, but is she up for it?
On a cool fall day in East Hampton, Meg finds a mysterious note in elegant cursive addressed to her. After much debate, she decides to follow the note’s instructions to the island of Kauai where she is swept into a tantalizing world that is both mysterious and strange.
The eccentric man who leads her there asks her to do the impossible: design an enormous dream building for the ages on his property.
As time passes, she becomes entranced by her new surroundings and the wealthy man who brought her there, but she also longs for her old life, her home and her family.
Will she find herself? Will love find her? Or will she get lost in a new life that is too overwhelming to bear?

Pearl Press
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