Alec Birri

Condition Book Two

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The second in a dystopian sci-fi series based on the author's real-life command of a top-secret government unit.
Discovering an infamous Nazi doctor conducted abortions in Argentina after the Second World War may not come as a surprise, but why was the twisted eugenicist not only allowed to continue his evil experiments but encouraged to do so? And what has that got to do with a respected neurologist in 2027? Surely, the invention of a cure for nearly all the world's ailments can't possibly have its roots buried in the horrors of Auschwitz?
The unacceptable is about to become the disturbingly bizarre. What has the treatment's "correction" of pedophiles got to do with the President of the United States, the Pope, and even the UK's Green Party?
As if the Condition Trilogy wasn't unsettling enough....
Further novels narrated by Jonathan Keeble in the 'Condition' series include:
The Final Correction
Alt Truths: Two sides
Alt Truths: Brave New World
Officer, Gentleman, Monster
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