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Summary of Braving the Wilderness

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Imagine Your Most Shameful & Vulnerable Moment…
You see, we’ve all have those dark times.
Those times where we feel vulnerable and attacked.
Vulnerability and shame are topics that not many people want to talk about.
If you’re given 2 choices…
… would you do the right thing or the popular thing?
95% of people would say ‘the right thing’.
However, why is this not reflected in our society today?
In Braving the Wilderness, Brene Brown digs deep into the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone.
Brene Brown has spent over two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. Her TED talk is one of the top five most viewed TED talks and in 2019, her filmed lecture – Brene Brown: The Call to Courage debuted on Netflix.
Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown is first published in 2017. Since then, the book has over 1000 raving fan reviews on Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll discover…
--- Chapter 1: Permission to be Yourself
--- Chapter 2: The Paradox of Trust and Belonging
--- Chapter 3: Loneliness and Division
--- Chapter 6: Establish Connections
--- Chapter 7: Be Strong and Wild
--- And so much more.

If you’re ready to learn more courage and overall how to be a better person, click on the BUY NOW button and start reading this summary book NOW!
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