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Aesop’s Fables Volume 9

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This is the ninth volume of a series of ten Aesop’s Fables audiobooks. Series of ten audiobooks contains total of 113 Aesop's short stories. This volume comes with following nine exiting fables:
The bull and the mouseThe three tradesmenThe dolphins, the whales, and the spratTwo travelers and the axeThe old houndThe bee and JupiterThe dancing monkeysThe fox and the leopardThe Milk Lady and her pailAesop's Fables are not just for entertainment, they teach ethics and valuable life lessons to kids. Listening to audio stories helps develop creativity and imagination in kids. It is preferable to TV or video games. This resource is suitable for the entire family, including kids of all ages, including teens. Feedback indicates that even adults enjoy listening to the classic stories as a source of entertainment.
We’re sure you’ll enjoy this volume. Please listen to this brief sample of one of the stories to help you decide whether the audiobook is for you. All of our titles are available in major online book stores and libraries.
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