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Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures

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Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures
Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures is the exciting new videogame adaptation from the producers of Elite: Escape Velocity. Featuring Andy Secombe (Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace) and Samantha Béart (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) and based on Julian Gollop's game of Wizard battles.
Episode One - A Unicorn Murder
The wizard, Dagan, is continually defeated in his attempts to rid the realm of a cruel master. Broke and desperate for new equipment, Dagan finds himself in the Unicorn-racing town of Mana Falls, where intrigue, murder and suspicion lie around every corner.
When a high profile member of the community is murdered, Dagan finds himself as the prime suspect. Will the wizard's mission be overturned by humanity's laws - and can Dagan determine his own fate before marauders, banishing charms and goblins decide it for him?
The Download edition features the full episode and behind the scenes extras in a variety of DRM-free MP3 bitrates for your choice of quality and storage convenience. It also comes with a PDF information booklet, featuring photos from the production and notes from the director.
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