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One of the most common challenges I see men face is their inability to overcome being too nice. Don't get me wrong, being nice is great but when it comes at the expense of your own well-being, it becomes a problem.
Today, I am joined by psychologist, Dr. Aziz Gazipura, to talk about the pitfalls of being too nice. We cover the "guilt bubble" and how to get out of it, the costs of being overly nice, learning to speak up and develop healthy boundaries, and how to stop being so nice.

What does it mean to be "nice" How being overly nice is self-sabotaging What the "guilt bubble" is and how to get out of it The costs of being too nice How to liberate yourself How to establish healthy boundaries Learning to speak up Why being selfish is not always a bad thing How to choose and communicate your rules Strategies for improving your ability to say "no" How to care about others without jeopardizing yourself How to increase your discomfort tolerance How to "own your shadows" How to develop more assertiveness

Dr. Aziz is a clinical psychologist and one of the world's leading experts on social confidence.
In 2011, Dr. Aziz started The Center For Social Confidence, which is dedicated to helping everyone break through their shyness and social anxiety. He has helped thousands of people all over the world increase their confidence. Through confidence coaching, audio and video programs, podcasts, a detailed blog, and intensive weekend workshops, Dr. Aziz lives out his mission: To help every person who is stuck in shyness liberate themselves to pursue the relationship, career, and life they have always dreamed of.

Most recently, he wrote a book titled, Not Nice: Stop Pleasing People, Staying Silent, and Feeling Guilty, which is what he's here to talk with us about today.
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