June T. Noble

Many Happy Returns : "Essential Guidance for Renewal of Shared Bliss and Marital Contentment,2 Books in 1"

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Has your sex life floundered in recent years?
Has the spark slowly diminished to the point where you doubt you will ever get it back?
Do you want to rediscover your intimacy and libido?
Have you been traumatized by a sexual encounter in the past?
Have you found it difficult to get past what happened and move on?
Has stress and anxiety meant the end for your sex life?
If you have previously suffered an instance where you have been subjected to a sexual trauma then you will know that it is a difficult thing to cope with and heal from. The stress that such an occurrence can manifest means that it can be difficult for a sufferer to move on in life and to experience a loving and fulfilling sexual relationship again.
One of the most common problems that many couples face is a desynchronization of their sexual desire. This problem can arise from a variety of causes that are linked to our age, lifestyle choices, stress and other factors. But the good news is that none of it is permanent and there are lots of things you can do to get your libido back on track.
In this book,you will find all the answers that will reinvigorate you and get your sex life back to where you want it, with tips and advice that include:
- The basic formula of love
- The vessels of female power
- How to create an aura of passion
- The main causes of a decrease in libido
- The truth behind erotic dreams
- How to have an orgasm
- Exploring the trauma you suffered with a qualified professional
- Understanding that this was not your fault
- Using mindfulness to improve your state of mind
- Reaching out to others in the same situation
- Finding a purpose in life
You owe it to yourself not to be defined by the trauma you have suffered from and to live a life that is free of stress and where you can once again enjoy all the good things it has to offer, including a full and exciting sex life. This book will ensure that you have the best chance to do that.
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