Mollie Mathews

Stolen By The Sheikh

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In life and love, it’s never too late 
for a second chance. . .
This is not one of those times.

Fiercely independent contemporary artist Lucy Ford was absolutely content with her life—until the day Anwar na Hassir strolled into her gallery and back into her life.
She had dreamed of being a mother and would soon have a son. Being a single mum wasn’t the happy ending she had visualized, but at least she had someone to love. Someone of her own. Someone she could keep forever.
As long as the child’s father never found out. Anwar could not, would not, must not ever know the truth. Not if she was to keep her child.
Anwar was as formidable as Lucy was freewheeling. Luring Lucy to his desert Kingdom, somewhere between the magic of the desert and the stroll along the ocean, she lets him steal her heart. Only to discover love, once given, can never be returned.
A sensuous tale of modern love, career-crossed relationships, the heady magic of instant attraction, loss, and the unwavering faith that sustains them—even in the darkest hour.
If you love second chance romance and secret baby romance books set against a sensuous backdrop of the sensuous desert, art, and innovative architecture, you’ll love Stolen by The Sheikh.

A compelling and thrilling story about a powerful woman and her equally formidable opponent

STOLEN BY THE SHEIKH is part of Mollie Mathews' THE SHEIKHS UNTAMED BRIDES series starring Maverick Sheikh Billionaires. While it can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books, too.

Claimed by the Sheikh (Tariq and Melanie)
Stolen By The Sheikh (Anwar and Lucy)
Bought By The Sheikh (Fazza and Grace)

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