Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises

When impotent war veteran Jake falls for the beautiful Brett, he never dreams his friend will also fall for her…
In this twisted love story, a war veteran named Jake Barnes falls in love with the beautiful Brett Ashley.
She’s engaged to someone else, but his feelings for her won’t be denied.
After a war wound left him unable to make love, he’s unsure of his ability to prove his feelings.
When Jake discovers his good friend Robert also fell for the beautiful woman and they have an affair, Jake’s left angry and dismayed.
But Brett falls for a bullfighter named Romero.
The jealous Jake decides to take matters into his own hands.
He’s going to win his love no matter what it takes.
But will the promiscuous divorcée ever love him?
Who will the beautiful woman choose to spend her life with?
…And can friendships be repaired after the damage done?
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