A.R. Knight

Spirit's End

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All his life, Carver wanted to save Riven, the world of the dead. Now, to save those he loves, he has to destroy it.
With the Guides in shambles and Riven overrun with furious dead, Carver embarks on a final journey to try and keep the departed where they belong. Ending Riven’s growing threat, though, requires knowing how the world works, and who made it. Carver must journey through Riven’s dangerous history to find an answer.
But some secrets are kept for good reasons, and those who know Riven’s will do anything to keep them.
Spirit’s End is the devastating conclusion to The Riven Trilogy, a steampunk fantasy lost between worlds. Take one last walk with Carver and his friends as they battle ancient evils, unravel Riven’s final puzzle, and come together to save Earth from ruin.
If you want a stirring conclusion to an action-drenched adventure that will take you beyond this mortal coil, grab Spirit’s End today and lose yourself in Carver’s quest.
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