Geoffrey Giuliano

Che Guevara Revolutionary Icon - An Audio Compendium

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The iconic revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara is featured in this unique, original audiobook by popular historian Geoffrey Giuliano. In this must-have compendium on the life, times, words, and wisdom of the heralded physician soldier, here is an ultra-rare collection of not only impossible-to-find interviews and speeches, but also a unique celebration of what would’ve been Che’s 90th birthday. Che Guevara’s stirring words and iconic persona strike at the very heart of the turbulent times in which we now live.
Perfect for all university and school systems.
Revisiting Radio Rebelde
A brief Che biography
Interview April 1964 (French with English introduction)
Che’s complete speech delivered before the United Nations, New York, December 11, 1964 (Spanish with English introduction)
The comandante’s finest thoughts
Viva Che! A 90th birthday celebration
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