Allan Kelly

A Little Book about Requirements and User Stories

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"I'd highly recommend this book for those who are starting an agile or lean transformation, so as to avoid bad starts and the related frustration." DLed
"The information is very useful and well explained. It is just what pretends to be - gives full understanding on the topic. I recommend. It is not the deepest and detailed book for user stories, but gives plenty of important information. For starters in working in typical agile process environment is must have." Steff
"I love the way Allan can explain complex stuff in simple ways and giving examples. I have took some important intention here that I can apply right away. Love it" Wilson Govindji

"How do I make my user stories smaller?"
"What is the difference between an Epic and a Story? What about Tasks? and Sub-tasks?"
"Who writes user stories?"
"Do I have to use User Stories?"

Allan Kelly found himself answering these questions, and similar ones, again and again so…
In this book Allan discusses the role of user stories: they are not requirements, they are tokens for work to be done and a placeholder for a conversation. He gives his two golden rules: stories must be small and they must be beneficial to the business - further he describes what beneficial is, how to put a value on a story and how to maximise the return on investment.
He gives particular attention to the difference between requirements and specification and how these ideas line up with user stories and acceptance criteria. Along the way he takes epics, tasks, definition of done, backlog structuring, acceptance tests and much else.

"Having used user stories in daily work for a couple of years, I must say, had I read this book earlier, hours of futile discussions and weeks of failed attempts to get user stories and the process around them right." Online review
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