Claudia Kirk

The Blue Dress

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Featuring three of Claudia's transgender romances: Home Town Advantage, Change of Heart, and Ice Breaker with a brand new BONUS epilogue, exclusive to this collection!
Home Town Advantage:
After a failed attempt at building a new life in the big city, followed by a crushing breakup, Zach moves back in with his parents – which means going back to the small town he thought he'd escaped forever. He doesn’t have high hopes – nothing ever changes in this place – but maybe he can catch up with people he lost touch with when he left.
His Mom is cagey about where his old best friend James went though, and Zach starts to worry he'll end up all alone here, with no friends and no way out. He hits it off with Jenny, the girl who lives next door, but his Mom doesn’t trust her, but won’t tell Zach why. Zach can feel himself falling for Jenny, and has the weirdest sensation like he's known her all his life. Why does she own James’ old baseball jersey though? Zach feels like in the years he's been gone this town suddenly gained a lot of secrets, and he is desperate to get to the bottom of them.
Ice Breaker:
Josh has been called up to go on a big sales trip. He has been paired up with Susie, the beautiful and formidable woman he's had a crush on since the second he walked into the office. She has a reputation for closing any deal she sets her sights on. Nothing about this trip seems destined to go to plan though. First, there’s been some sort of a mix-up at the hotel which sees them sharing a room, and the client they’re meeting is late – and rude.
“Looks like we have an evening to ourselves after all. Any ideas about how to fill the time?” she asks, raising an eyebrow.
“Truth or dare?” suggests Josh. He’s mostly joking...
“Haven’t played that in a while” says Susie, her eyes sparkling.
As it turns out, Susie has a big secret, but will Josh have the courage to go through with her dare?
Claudia Kirk
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