Introduction to Investment Banking Career

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Investment banking is that specific banking division which deals with creating capital for other organizations and government or other entities. It is the job of investment banks to underwrite equity security and new debt for various kinds of corporations, to facilitate acquisitions and mergers, to create a sale of bonds and securities and facilitate broker trades and reorganizations for private investors and different institutions. An investment banker helps government and companies to manage projects and thereby saving time and money of the clients. They are real experts in investment banking and so businesses move towards them for valuable advice on investments for they are aware of the investment climate. They offer advice on the basis of the current economic and market scenario. An investment banker’s career progresses along the standard path. An investment banking professional occupies any of the given positions like an Analyst, an Associate, An Account Manager, a Director, and Managing Director at a given period of time. An undergraduate can apply for a Banking Analyst position for it is the lowest in the investment banking hierarchy chain. The investment banking career is so demanding that the analysts even have to work for 90-100 hours in a week.
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