Doug Gilford,Jon Donley

I hate Mac n Cheese!

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How does an abused kid break the cycle of abuse? How does he begin the healing process? Travel along with the author as he shares his story in this short 2hr long audiobook! You will gain so much knowledge by doing so.
Have you struggled with past abuse? Do you know someone who has? Chances are one of these questions is true. There is help today. This book tells a story of how to break free from the pain that lingers when all the blows have ceased.
In this short book, Doug Gilford tells his story starting from the age of 4, until present. He shares the many ways God intervened dramatically in his life that would completely change the outcome, and final verdict, for his successful ministry of more than 20 years.
This book is intended to help people who are dealing with the after affects of abuse, whether present or past. While telling his story, his main goal is the make the Lord the prominent figure in this book.
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