Allan Kelly

Project Myopia

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Projects fail. Some say 40% of all IT projects fail, some say 70%. And it has been that way for years.
Each project fails for its own reasons but they all share one thing in common: the Project Model.
Could it be the project model itself which creates failure?

In this tour de force Allan Kelly explains why the project model is a poor fit for managing software development. Working from industry recognized definitions of projects he describes how the model deviates from reality then goes on to discuss:
Why focusing on time, scope, and cost damages software, creates goal displacement and reduces qualityHow projects miss the bigger pictureWhy maximizing value demands work across projectsWhen debt is good and how projects increase technical debt to the detriment of value deliveryProjects end. Successful software continues. Twenty-first century digital businesses want to continue and grow.
"This book is an excellent exploration of the short-sightedness of the project model for software, and should be essential reading for anyone involved in managing software development, delivery, or operations." Matthew Skelton
"The project model does not fit the reality of managing software development. In this bracingly short book Allan provides an eloquent critique, landing his points well without waffle." Ewan Milne
"An excellent book which thoughtfully critiques the "project" construct that we have all been conditioned to accept as "normal". This book is thought provoking, explaining how and why projects are harming the development of software. If you work on change projects the that involve, or are driven by, software.. then this book will be for you! It challenges thinking and provokes thought." Adrian Reed
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