Patty Rayfield


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Elaine is a young astronaut. Through a space station porthole her waking moments are filled with watching the wonders of the cosmos. When the night hours approach her dreams are disturbed by strange phenomena.

One day, while watching her colleague Matt Davies performing routine maintenance, she is blinded by anomalous orange lights. Could her worst nightmares be coming true? Her vision returns and the last thing she sees is the sight of Matt being helplessly sucked into space.

Lailu is a gripping audio book written by award winning songwriter Patty Rayfield. Combining professional and vivid narration by Roger Wyatt and a lush orchestrated score by composer Peter Rayfield.

In this epic story "Lailu" humankind will make first contact. An apocalyptic threat will emerge on Earth and the corrupt world government will do anything to save itself. A tale of two people's unbreakable love, stopping at nothing to reunite with each other.

What secrets does Lailu hold?

How can Matt and Elaine survive?

And what fate awaits the Earth?

Will the ultimate sacrifice to save the world be made?
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