Mandy Womack

Verbal Abuse

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Are you in a verbal abuse relationship?

Perhaps not a severe one, but verbal abuse happens all the time. Whenever people are mean to each other, they are, in some small degree, abusing another with their words. It could be strangers, coworkers, bosses, your spouse, your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your friends. It can be a simple incident or an ongoing pattern. In this audiobook, you’ll learn about:

The definition of verbal abuse and why it can be so damagingCommon tactics of abusers to manipulate and controlConfusing messages you should not buy into when they are coming your wayThe best ways to deal with the abuse, how to talk, react, when to leave, what to say, etc.The harmful effect of abuse on your work, your relationship, your children, or your self-esteemCauses, reasons, consequences, and issues related to verbal abuseAnd much more!
Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start listening.
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