Richard Avant

Manipulation Nlp Body Language Stoicism: Master dark psychology guide to deep learning everything about mind control, persuasion, how to manage your emotions and influence people

The mind and consciousness have always been a riddle to humanity. From the ancient Egyptians to our modern days psychologist, humans are trying to figure out exactly how we make decisions, manipulate emotions, and take action.
While other psychology books and blogs are giving you "white-hat" advice, there is an aspect that often not discussed or exposed to the general public – Dark psychology.
Dark psychology is a term for highly-effective psychology strategies to influence people. It's called dark-psychology, because of its effectiveness – those techniques and strategies are considered unethical and should be used in moderation.
In this book you'll find:Dark psychology guide, so you can use it & protect yourself against itDiscover mind-control secrets that the best attorneys, salespeople and public speakers usePersuasion techniques that will help you get everything you wantLearn how to manage your emotions and influence peopleWhat are those dark psychology techniques? How can you protect yourself against them? And how can you use them in case you need to?You'll find the answers to those questions right here, in this book.
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