100 Quotes by Stendhal

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Often surprising and always original, ‘100 Quotes by Stendhal’ is a superb book for those who like to challenge the conventional.

Stendhal was well known for his outspoken views on life, and this book cherry-picks some of his most entertaining and incisive thoughts.

A superb read for those looking to challenge their own point of view, and those who want to get to know this outstanding author a little better.

The pen-name of Marie-Henri Beyle, Stendhal (1783 – 1842) was born in Grenoble. The son of a barrister, his mother died when he was seven years old, which had a lasting impact on his mental health and his writing.

An aspiring playwright, he travelled through Italy, before returning to Paris, where he married the actress, Mélanie Louason. However, after the fall of the French Empire, he returned to Italy, making a home for himself in Milan and embarking on a literary career.

His greatest works, including ‘La Chartreuse de Parme,’ and ‘Le Rouge et le noir’ are noted for their views on morality and politics while indulging his hatred for the concept of boredom.
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