Allan Kelly

Succeeding with OKRs in Agile

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"This is an absolutely brilliant book. If you really wants to learn more regarding OKRs in Agile and other important stuff related to it you must read this book. It's truly a master piece."

"Super easy to read, with clear chapter summaries. Lots of solid content that is not hidden amongst fluff. Straight to the point and a must have for any agile practitioner curious about OKRs."

"Allan's writing is perfect for busy managers who need to set objectives and form initiatives that satisfy diverse stakeholders. Plus, it doesn't sugar-coat OKRs - they are part of a management system - not a medicine. Overall, a wonderfully concise and easy to read guide to using OKRs. Highly recommended."

OKRs are about goals bigger than the next story, or even epic. They prioritise purpose and strategy over the ever looming, high maintenance backlogs we all know too well.
OKRs are important to agile teams because they deal with the big things, they inspire forward thinking, encourage engage senior leaders, and help debug strategy.
Acclaimed author Allan Kelly describes why you should use OKRs, how to write them successfully, how to set measurable KRs, execute against OKRs in an agile environment to deliver outcomes, and the pitfalls and problems to avoid so you can deliver your outcomes.
In this book he doesn't try to sell OKRs - others can tell you why OKRs are great. Allan describes his practical experience working with agile teams adopting OKRs, day-by-day, quarter-by-quarter. Unlike other books, this is not designed to sell you OKRs, Allan reveals decades of honest, hands on experience working with agile teams adopting OKRs, day-by-day, sprint-by-sprint, quarter-by-quarter.

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