R David Stephens

What Should We NO!

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If you were a little kid again, and I told you that you were about to spend the next 16 years of your life sitting at a desk in a classroom which you could only leave occasionally to go to the bathroom…would you think you were being unreasonably punished?
What Should We No! is a 28-minute Art Performance Piece…an emotional roller coaster laced with rap and bluegrass music, performance poetry, personal reflections from my own school days in Beverly Hills and UC Berkeley in the '60s along with poignant tales of being a Poet/Substitute Teacher in the inner-city school districts of LA and San Francisco. And that’s just a sampling of the journey awaiting the listener who becomes a part of the action through a variety of sound effects featuring 7 other voice actors.
This piece was adapted from a solo Theatrical Performance that premiered at The Ensemble Studio Theatre LA in 1988.
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