Mollie Mathews

Claimed By The Sheikh (prequel)

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The secret she kept from the Sheikh...
A grief-stricken Sheikh Tariq na Hassir, the formidable ruler of the Kingdom of Avana, arrives in Paris to claim his brother's child after a car crash killed his parents--unaware that the child isn't their biological son. Salim is Tariq's son, with his former lover, a renowned architect.
Three years ago, after being banished by Tariq from his desert kingdom, Melanie Jones secretly gave her baby to Tariq's childless brother and his wife in a swap the world was never supposed to know about.
The tragedy pulls her back to the world that rejected her and the man who abandoned her--the only man capable of turning her carefully controlled world upside down.
Tariq will do whatever it takes to protect his legacy, including claiming Melanie as his bride and his son as heir before scandals ensue.
But Melanie has other plans for her future—a westernized life where she's free to operate her own business and control her own life.

If you love true romance and beautiful love stories set against a sensuous backdrop of the desert, art, and architecture, you'll love Claimed by The Sheikh (prequel).


compellingly page-turning
“Wow, just wow, I can’t articulate enough how compellingly page-turning this remarkable story was. If I could give it more than 5 stars this would be it! This author has the gift & the power to make you experience her remarkable craft on a whole other level. I’m not one to tell the story; the blurb & other reviewers will cover that, but I will concede that this magical, mystical, hauntingly beautiful story will stay with me for the longest time. Highly recommended.”
~ Terry
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