C.S. Johnson

Fatgirl: Fandom Menace

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It's Fan-dumb-onium!

Kallie Grande-White is pretty sure she's had worse days ... hasn't she?
First there was fighting with a terrorist, then arguing with her possibly psychotic grandmother over his body, only to get home and realize she doesn't have a working cell phone and she didn't finish her homework over the weekend ...
Okay, that's pretty bad.
But if that's not bad enough, Kallie then discovers Fatgirl's growing fandom after the launch of a new full-blown fan website.

And, despite helping AB discover the current whereabouts of her radioactive recipe, Kallie learns that the search is far from over, and the chase has begun.

If only Blake Turner had managed not to eat some doughnuts ...

When it came to becoming a superhero, Kallie took the shot, and now it's time to start the doughnut chaser. Stay tuned for the next episodes! 
Fatgirl: Fandom Menace makes episode 3 of this satirical science fiction superhero take on growing up, PC culture, and diet culture from award-winning, genre-hopping author C. S. Johnson.
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