Be Mine Tonight, Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith

Be Mine Tonight

Chapel has been a vampire since the 1300s when he and his men tried to rob the Knights Templar and ended up drinking from a cup imbued with the essence of Lilith, the mother of all vampires. Since then the five of them have gone their separate ways…It is now 1899 and Chapel is sent to England to protect the cup from humans looking for it.
Prudence Ryland is dying and sees the Grail as her one chance at life. But when she falls into a trap while searching for the Grail she becomes poisoned. Chapel is there and tries to save her, however it is too late. Knowing that her time is limited and regretting having done so little in her young life, Pru asks Chapel to become her lover and introduce her to grand adventures. As her life force slowly ebbs away, Pru knows there is one more thing that can save her from death-but is Chapel willing to turn Pru into an immortal vampire?
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Be Mine Tonight, Kathryn Smith
Be Mine Tonight
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