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How To Swing Trade

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How To Swing Trade: An Easy to Follow Guide to Swing Trading for Beginners. Learn About the Swing Trading Methodology and How to Make Good Money Through a Disciplined Trading Approach
The main objective of a swing trader is to profit from swings in price movement over the course of several days. While they might trade every day, they are not day traders. As swing traders, they have the patience to wait until their profit goals have been reached. Fortunately, the wait is not too long. A typical trade is only in play from a few days to a few weeks. When a trade is closed, the funds go into the next trade.
This audiobook is a simple, practical and easy to follow guide to swing trading perfect for beginners. You will find simple pointers on how to enter and exit a trade.
This audiobook will cover the following topics:
- Introduction to Swing Trading
- Pattern Recognition Criteria
- The Master Plan - Entry and Exit Rules That Ensure Successful Swing Trading
- How and When to Enter the Trade
- The Essentials of Technical Analysis
- And many more!
Swing trading should be both profitable and fun. Through the guidelines outlined in this audiobook, you can achieve both of these simple objectives. So take action now and download this audiobook today!
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