Victor Lucas

Day Trading Strategies

Three audiobooks in one.
1. Swing Trading Strategies: Learn How to Profit Fast - Volume 2 
Chapter 1: Basic swing trading strategies Chapter 2: Swing trading tools and resources Chapter 3: Fundamental analysis of company stock Chapter 4: Basics of financial statement Chapter 5: Screening for undervalued stocks Chapter 6: Technical analysis to determine entry points Chapter 7: Read charts, use indicators & watch markets 2. Options Trading: How to Make Money in Less Than 7 Days 
Chapter 1: Talks about the basics so that you will have a good foundation and understanding of what options trading is really all about. Chapter 2: Discusses the risks and benefits of options trading. Chapter 3: Teaches powerful and effective strategies that you can use to increase your chances of making the right trading decisions. Chapter 4: Reveals the important keys to success to help make you a better options trader.Chapter 5: Lays down the common mistakes that you should avoid. Chapter 6: Discusses the successful trader's mindset. It is the right mindset if you want to make continuous profits with options trading. 3. Stock Market Investing for Beginners: The best book on stock investments to help you make money in less than one hour a day.
You will learn all the basics of the stock market investment and how to optimize your investments and realize the largest possible profits.
An investor should not turn himself into a speculator, for a speculator acts on his instincts rather than his intellect when executing trades.
The stock market is neither a mythical place beyond human understanding nor a place reserved for people with special genetics.
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Victor Lucas
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