Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell, (née Georgia Arianna Ziadie, known as Georgie, born 17 August 1949), is a British writer, biographer, autobiographer, novelist, and television and radio personality, known for her biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, The Real Diana, as well as for other books on the Royal Family and wealthy people.Campbell was born in Jamaica, the child of Michael and Gloria Ziadie. The Ziadie family is prominent in Jamaica, the descendants of six Maronite Catholic brothers who emigrated from Lebanon in the early 20th century; she says they have gone from being "revered to reviled to treasured as exotica." Her father was of royal Russian bloodline. His family were Greek Orthodox Catholic who had settled in Lebanon. Her mother came from English, Irish, Portuguese and Spanish ancestry. Her maternal great-grandmother, family name De Pass, was Sephardic Jew.In 1974, she married Lord Colin Ivar Campbell, the son of Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll; she divorced him in 1975.She is the mother of two adopted Russian-born sons, Dima and Misha. She lives in Kennington, UK.


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To Johnnie Spencer, it was unthinkable that he would leave his daughters in relative penury, especially as the ignominy of this state had been only too familiar to him until his marriage to the wealthy Frances Burke Roche, whose money kept him afloat
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commentators decreed that his contempt for the throne was a Spencer tradition, in keeping with the indifference to royalty which the great Whig aristocrats had traditionally displayed.
Nastasia Goldmanje citiralaпре 2 године
“It’s important to speak to people on their level,” was one of Diana’s guiding mottoes. “Choose a topic that interests them
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