Some years back I wrote a short, strange and fetish-based story. It took me just one evening to get what was in my head onto a computer file, and I offered it to Erotic Review Magazine. They took it, and it sparked my interest in writing erotica - both for its own sake and as a way of exploring wider issues in society. I still sometimes write for Erotic Review, though I'm now also published by Xcite, Pink Flamingo, Renaissance Sizzler, 1001 Nights Press and others. I've never looked back.What you'll find if you read my stories and books: some strangeness, some humour, sometimes some underlying themes on social and philosophical issues, a great deal of eroticism and a large dash of fetish and bondage. It's romance, but not in any conventional sense - and very definitely for adults only. Treat that as a warning, or as an invitation!In addition to the blog listed below, check out Deliciously Deviant, a blog I co-write with my partner.
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