Jeramey Kraatz

Jeramey Kraatz

Author of the middle grade series The Cloak Society from HarperCollins--a trilogy about a super-powered kid born into a family of supervillains.I grew up in Odessa, Texas, studied advertising and English at TCU, and graduated from the MFA program at Columbia University where I studied nonfiction writing. I've worked as a snow-cone maker, barista, retail mannequin dresser, a singing/dancing napkin, and intern in the editorial department at Marvel Comics. When I'm not writing about superpowers, I work in the animation industry and watch a lot of cartoons. So, yeah: I never really grew up.I like bad horror movies, comic books, cheese boards, avocados, and music that sounds like laser pistols. I live in Texas with, predictably, my cat, Loki.
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