Osamu Dazai

Osamu DAZAI (太宰 治) was the pen name of Shūji Tsushima. Although his father wanted him to be a politician, he insisted on being an author. When he applied to the Tokyo University French Literature Department, he was 20 years old. For most of his lifetime, he was a drug addict, an alcoholic and a sufferer of tubercolosis. His last book Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human)(1948) is an authobiography. It documents his childhood, university years, and the time in which he acquires tuberculosis in detail.In 1948, he committed suicide with his mistress.Osamu Dazai is still one of the most popular authors in Japan.




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I also have the impression that many women have been able, instinctively, to sniff out this loneliness of mine, which I confided to no one, and this in later years was to become one of the causes of my being taken advantage of in so many ways.
Women found in me a man who could keep a love secret.
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Of all the people I had ever known, that miserable Tsuneko really was the only one I loved.
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thought, "As long as I can make them laugh, it doesn't matter how, 111 be all right. If I succeed in that, the human beings probably won't mind it too much if I remain outside their lives. The one thing I must avoid is becoming offensive in their eyes: I shall be nothing, the wind, the sky."


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    Osamu Dazai
    No Longer Human
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    Keren juga ya Oreki bisa bikin review mendalam dari cerita 'simpel' begini

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    Osamu Dazai
    Run, Melos
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    it is oddly something i can relate to therefore the book makes more sense

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    No Longer Human (Confessions of a Faulty Man)
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