Carrie Dunn

Carrie Dunn is an English sports writer, researcher, and social media expert known for her expertise in women's football history. Her book, Unsuitable for Females: The Rise of the Lionesses and Women's Football in England, was shortlisted for the 2023 Sports Book Awards' Football Book of the Year award.

Carrie Dunn holds a BA (Hons) and MA in English from King's College London, complemented by a PhD in sports sociology. Dunn's sports articles have appeared in renowned national and international publications, such as the Guardian, the Times, and the Telegraph.

She is the author of The Pride of the Lionesses (2019), longlisted for Football Book of the Year at the Telegraph Sports Book Awards 2020, and The Roar of the Lionesses: Women's Football in England (2016), recognized as one of the Guardian's best sports books of the year.

In addition to writing, Dunn's multifaceted skills include copywriting, image selection, and video editing. As a corporate copywriter, she has worked across different sectors.

Dunn's involvement in broadcasting spans major platforms like BBC, Sky News, TalkTV, Times Radio, and TalkSPORT. She has covered three Women's World Cups for the Times and Eurosport.

Carrie Dunn lives in London.

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