Ann Major

Margaret Major was born on February 13, 1946 in Texas, U.S.A.. She grew up in south Texas fascinated by the vast ranches, the oil industry, and the vital clash and blend of the Hispanic and Anglo cultures. Her post-secondary education is as varied and far-reaching as the woman herself. She attended Del Mar College, the University of the Americas in Mexico City, and the University of Texas in Austin from which she received a B.A. in English and Spanish. She taught school for two years before going on to receive her M.A. in English and Spanish from Texas A & I University. Fluent in three languages English, Spanish, and French, Margaret also is an accomplished pianist. She has played for well over 30 years and has studied music at university level.A model of perseverance, Margaret began writing when her first child was born and sold her first novel six years later. "I taught myself how to write without the aid of other writers, writing books or writing courses. It was a very lonely and solitary pursuit." Yet Margaret never once considered giving up and, as a testament to her dedication, she has written over 45 books to date for Silhouette Desire, Special Edition and Mills & Boon Sensual Romance. Her first novel for MIRA Books Wild Enough for Willa, was released in December 2000.Nora Roberts has described her work thusly: "Engaging characters, stories that thrill and delight, shivering suspense, and captivating romance." and Sandra Brown says, "Her name on the cover instantly identifies the book as a good read." It will come as no surprise to readers of women's fiction that they are both speaking about Ann Major. However, it may surprise her peers to know that writing does not always come easily to Margaret. "I love being a romance writer even though writing is very hard work for me as I am not the kind of writer who lives to write. I love my life my kids, my parents, my cats, my hobbies just the little rituals of everyday life. These precious experiences give me the energy and the material so that I can write." These should come not only as words of encouragement to those of us who share this struggle but also as an indicator as to the heights can be scaled when an individual is as focused and driven as Margaret.A founding member of the Romance Writers of America, Margaret is also the co-author of the article "The Contemporary Light Romance" which has been collected in the book Writing and Selling the Romance Novel.Margaret Major Cleaves calls Corpus Christi, Texas, home when she is not travelling. She have a screened porch in her home that is full of hanging baskets. So, she love to eat out on this porch with her husband on cool evenings.

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