Liam McCann

Liam was born in Guildford, England, in 1973 and has a BA in Sports Physiology & Psychology. He was Sussex county champion in three of the athletics field events and swam to a national standard. He formed Shooter in 1996, a rock band that toured Europe for four years, and The Legend of Dan McCann, an acoustic combo, in 2009.Liam started writing novels and sports books in 2003 and has since edited / proofread more than thirty titles, including the Discarded Science series for John Grant. He also works as a freelance editor / copywriter / proofreader for The Daily Telegraph, Artists’ & Photographers’ Press, Murray Books, Vivays Publishing and UK International Press, and as a part-time cricket pundit for Sky Sports.Published Books By Facts, Figures & Fun, an imprint of Artists’ and Photographers’ Press Ltd:The Olympics Facts, Figures & Fun (2004)Rugby Facts, Figures & Fun (2006)The Sledger’s Handbook: How to Deliver the Perfect Cricketing Insult (2006) – reprinted four timesCricket Facts, Figures & Fun (2007)Born to Dribble (2007)London’s Bridges (2008) – Ghost-written for Ian Pay The Revised & Updated Sledger’s Handbook (2012)The Battle of Boxhill (2012): This is a 50,000-word older children’s adventure story, whose central characters are birds. The book has been optioned by Bulat Galimgereyev, producer of the Oscar-nominated film Mongol (2008), and Kevin Foo, co-founder of Helix Films Inc, who intend to adapt the story for a feature-length animation in 2013-14. Liam is already planning a sequel.By Murray Books:The UFO Files (2012) By G2 Entertainment:The Little Book of Ark Royal (2012)The Little Book of Survival (2012)The Little Book of the Universe (2012)The Little book of the Liners (2012)Self-published Books:The Little English Boy: This is the incredible true story of one man’s crusade to help the allied war effort against the Nazis by escaping occupied France with a set of top-secret gun sight drawings.Unpublished Books:When the Messenger meets the King, In the Lap of the Gods, The Devil’s Breath and Rolling Thunder: a science-fiction / adventure series set in the near future. The books run to between 150,000 and 200,000 words. A minimum of two more books are planned for the series.To view his books, please visit:
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