Adam Strong

Adam Strong is a corporate productivity authority, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, speaker and trainer. Adam has been featured on the BBC, in The Guardian and in People Management, HR Grapevine and Global Woman magazines. He creates and implements bespoke productivity enhancement programmes for businesses that want to see increased profitability, more engaged employees and a healthier workforce.

He is the creator of a revolutionary 5-pillar programme designed specifically to get companies up to a 300% return on investment on their high salaried executives both in the short term by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, and in the long term by improving retention. His clients know him for using his experience as a former elite athlete to create high performing work cultures. Adam's clients can expect their businesses to be more productive and profitable, and to fulfill employees' potential both in their professional and personal lives.

Adam loves helping people, it's in his DNA, and his mission is to solve the productivity crisis that affects not just businesses but entire economies.

Adam lives in Windsor, Berkshire. His passions include travel, scuba diving, sport, and anything to do with the sea plus - most important of all - spending time with his children.


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