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    Obi-Wan had gained insight, watching Jedi youngsters play with their pets, into how the children would behave around others later in life. He had never seen his Padawan happier. Anakin, he thought, would be loving and patient, a real contrast to the often harum-scarum youth he was now.
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    Obi-Wan sniffed the air and said, "We smell different."

    "They're preparing us for the next step," Anakin said. "If we're going to guide the seed-partners, we have to smell right." Obi-Wan was not happy at having his internal chemistry altered, but Anakin's reaction concerned him more. "I wish there were less mystery here," he said.

    Anakin grinned. Obi-Wan knew the boy was restraining himself from saying,

    "You would!" Instead, Anakin said, "I bet the smell is temporary."
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    He focused on Anakin once more. "Would you like to see what's possible?"

    Anakin's face glowed with enthusiasm. "It's why I'm here," he said quietly.

    "Possible, I mean, in ships, young man, ships only," Shappa added, drawing back a little at the boy's response. "The boy has an appetite.
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    Someone familiar seemed to stand at his shoulder, and lost in this un-Jedi emotion, self-critically, wonderingly, Obi-Wan murmured, "He is no more special than any other child, is he?"

    Like a whisper, in reply, "To you, he is. And now you know."
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    The Tsinimals, graceful and intolerant, had regarded the Langhesi's vital arts as a sin against their gods. Piracy and galaxy-wide conquest, however, had not bothered the Tsinimal gods in the least.
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    Obi-Wan put an arm around his shoulders. Anakin saw that his master's face was beaded with sweat. He, too, could feel the seeds in the fire.
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    "I wonder if it's lonely," Anakin said.

    "It can stand to be apart from us for a few minutes," Obi-Wan said.

    "Besides, they need to put in the last-"

    "I know," Anakin said. "I was just wondering." His Master's inability to understand what he meant irritated him. The ship filled his eyes and it filled his heart, it seemed so much a part of him.
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    For a second, the boy's anger threatened to flare again, but he saw they were not going to harm Jabitha, and he could not kill them all.

    And would not if he could.
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