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Louise Maude

Louise Maude (1855–1939), the daughter of a British merchant living in Moscow was - along with her husband Aylmer Maude (1858 – 1938) - an English translator of Tolstoy's works. Tolstoy was a friend of the family and authorised Louise Maude to write his biography in 1902.She lived many years in Russia, and then moved with Aylmer to England where she continued translating Tolstoy's writing and promoting public interest in his work. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Daniel Bjørnholt Christensenje citiraoпре 2 године
Judging by cer­tain memor­ies, I never ser­i­ously be­lieved them, but had merely re­lied on what I was taught and on what was pro­fessed by the grown-up people around me, and that re­li­ance was very un­stable
Daniel Bjørnholt Christensenje citiraoпре 2 године
the con­clu­sion that though it is ne­ces­sary to learn the cat­ech­ism and go to church, one must not take such things too ser­i­ously
Daniel Bjørnholt Christensenje citiraoпре 2 године
So that, now as formerly, re­li­gious doc­trine, ac­cep­ted on trust and sup­por­ted by ex­ternal pres­sure, thaws away gradu­ally un­der the in­flu­ence of know­ledge and ex­per­i­ence of life which con­flict with it, and a man very of­ten lives on, ima­gin­ing that he still holds in­tact the re­li­gious doc­trine im­par­ted to him in child­hood whereas in fact not a trace of it re­mains
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