Samuel Koteliansky

Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky (Самуил Соломонович Котелянский) was a Russian-born British translator. He made the transition from his origins in a small Jewish shtetl to distinction in the rarefied world of English letters. Although he was not a creative writer himself, he befriended, corresponded with, helped publish, and otherwise served as intermediary between some of the most prominent people in English literary life in the early twentieth century.
godine života: 28 februara 1880 21 januara 1955

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Anuuje citiralaпрошле године
what joy your eyes glistened

There is a sign in every possible way to achieve something in life but we have to wait for that miracle.... 😇

Anuuje citiralaпрошле године
And he girt a sword about him, and did command food to be brought to him.
annkaragwaje citiraoпрошле године
“Forget not,” saith the Exalted One, “forget not, O Youth, longing to enkindle life with life, even as fire is enkindled with fire, that all the torments of this universe, where everyone is either slayer or slain, that all its sorrows and plaints, come from love.”
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