Dale Blake

Dedicated to promoting and making possible order and productivity, Dale Blake is a successful author who specializes in writing business books and also creating travel, wedding, and monthly planners. Dale has always had a knack for organization: even as a child, he could be counted on to ensure that family events, vacations, homework, and more would be prepared for or completed in an orderly fashion. Dale continues to rely on the value of organization and the importance of having order in the home and office. His books--aimed to help others remember their passwords, set agendas, plan for work or vacation, and more--reflect his drive to help today's parents, students, leaders, and business people navigate the modern world and meet its demands with ease. When not busy with writing, planning, ordering, and the like, Dale dedicates his free time to hanging out with his family and friends or-either alone or with company-enjoying the beauty of America's Great Outdoors through fishing, cycling, skiing, hiking, camping, and more. As an aspiring history buff, he is also a coin collector and possesses a respectable collection of coins of all ages and from all places which he is always eager to add to.



camillyaoki368je citiraoпре 2 године
A tip that seems to work for speed-readers is the fact that they stop saying the words in their heads. When reading people tend to subconsciously hear the words in their minds. The claim to faster reading therefore rides on the ability of the reader to break this habit and increase his or her reading speeds by double or triple the previous seeds. A tip that works for most speed-readers is to preoccupy their mouths thus resisting the temptation of reading out the words. When the brain is disengaged from speech, it will be able to tap into your conscious awareness rather than when it is slowed down by when it tries to figure out the meaning of the word.
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All speed-reading courses recommended that a pre-reading survey be conducted. The aim of doing this is to gain better understanding of the content and material structure
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Copywriters are among the highest paid writers around the world because of their direct influence on something that produces or generates money.
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