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Maxwell John

  • Isaac Kandaje citiraoпрошле године
    Leadership is the ability to obtain followers.
  • Ruslan Seyidovje citiraoпре 2 године
    Think things through—then follow through.
  • b3545332710je citiraoпре 2 године
    Think things through—then follow through.”
  • b7001123514je citiraoпре 2 године
    If you change your thinking, you can change your life!
  • eelshanneje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    English proverb says, “One of these days means none of these days.”
  • eelshanneje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you keep growing.
  • eelshanneje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    an’s mind, once stretched by new ideas, never regains its original dimensions.” Growth today is an investment for tomorrow.
  • eelshanneje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    adult, you bear that responsibility entirely. If you don’t make growth your responsibility, it will never happen.
  • eelshanneje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    finding themselves,” meaning that they were searching for a way to become self-fulfilled. It’s like making happiness a goal because self-fulfillment is about feeling good
  • eelshanneje citiraoпре 5 месеци
    Self-development is a higher calling; it is the development of your potential so that you can attain the purpose for which you were created.
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