Gillian Jackson

Gillian Jackson is a British author of crime and women's fiction. She is best known for her gripping psychological thrillers that often explore complex human emotions and relationships.

Gillian Jackson was born and raised in Darlington, North East England. After leaving school, she became a nursery nurse and eventually opened her own nursery, which she ran for 30 years.

However, back problems meant she had to change careers. It wasn't an immediate choice for her to become a writer, even though she enjoyed creating stories for the children in her care. Instead, she returned to college to complete levels 2 and 3 in counseling. Reflecting on this time, she said, "I was a child who hated school, but when I did the counseling course, I couldn’t get enough homework. I really liked the writing, the assignments, and the research, and I thrived on it."

She enrolled in a correspondence course with The Writer’s Bureau, which pushed her out of her comfort zone. She began writing interviews and historical columns and managed to sell some features, articles, and short stories.

Gillian worked for five years at a charitable organization supporting victims of crime. This experience influenced her crime fiction. She noted, "The course changed my thoughts on life and how I viewed things, but working for Victim Support threw me into another area completely." Her background gave her valuable insights into court procedures and police work, enriching the authenticity of her novels.

Her work with victims also helped her to develop her characters more realistically, whether they were protagonists in her women's fiction or antagonists in her suspense stories. She observed, "The reactions often surprised me, and that's helpful in writing because we don't always react the same way to death or any situation in life; we all act differently."

Her latest book, The Dead Husband (2024), is a gripping crime suspense novel. The story begins with Amy Cooper reporting the disappearance of her husband, Callum, shortly after receiving a devastating medical diagnosis. A dead body discovered by a mother and her children seems to be Callum, killed in a hit-and-run. However, the autopsy reveals it was murder, prompting DI Samantha Freeman and DS Jenny Newcombe to investigate.

Gillian lives in Darlington with her husband and rescue dog.

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