Rotimi Ogunjobi

My life in a few lines :Place of Birth : Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria.Elementary Education : Ebenezer African Church School , Ibadan , NigeriaSecondary Education : Government College Ibadan. The Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka , novelists Dr T.M Aluko and Cyprian Ekwensi, playwright Femi Osofisan, all escaped very many years before I arrived in this school.Tertiary Education : University of Lagos . Graduated at 20 with degree in Civil Engineering. Left university with much hatred of computers which were in those days housed in huge rooms, and you had to feed them with cards punched on another machine ,so that the computer could within 2 days or so solve a problem that you could have solved by yourself in about 30 minutes.Work Experience : Practiced Engineering for a long while; became Chartered Engineer at 25. Worked also as a Technical Writer. Suffered in The Wilderness for many years thereafter and developed a renewed interest in computers - or rather what computers could now be made to do. Worked with London Borough of Newham, Corporation of London, BBC , National Transcommunication Limited (NTL) .Present Job : Software Engineer and Writer.Calling : Amanuensis to an unfolding future.Private Life : Own family, each one of them a lot better than me,
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