Richard Fierce

Richard Fierce is an American epic fantasy and space opera/sci-fi author who has written over 30 books. He is best known for The Last Page (2008), a dark fantasy novella.

He's been writing since childhood but became seriously vested in it in 2007. A pivotal moment in Richard's life came during high school. He received Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman as a gift. This book ignited his love for fantasy, influencing his writing style and choice of genre.

His poem The Darkness won him the 2000 Poet of the Year award. This early accolade showcased his talent and set the stage for future success. Additionally, Richard is a key organizer of the Allatoona Book Festival in Acworth, Georgia.

Professionally, Richard has transitioned from retail to the tech industry. This change has allowed him to devote more time to his passion for writing.

In his personal life, Richard Fierce is a family man, navigating the joys and challenges of marriage and parenting. He has three stepdaughters, three huskies and two cats.

Photo credit: www.richardfierce.com


Natalia Grandje citiralaпрошле године
scars that appeared to have been made by swords.
Natalia Grandje citiralaпрошле године
drawing my focus back to the water.

возвращаю свое внимание к воде.

Natalia Grandje citiralaпрошле године
I was continuously wiping it away
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