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How Do I Find Out What I Really Want?

Bagaimana Saya Mengetahui Apa yang Sebenarnya Saya Inginkan?

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Abraham: Imagination is the mixing and massaging of thoughts into various combinations. It is similar to observing a situation. However, in imagination, you are creating the images rather than watching something in your current reality. Some use the word visualization, but we want to offer this subtle distinction: Visualization is often only a memory of something that you have once observed. By imagination, we mean deliberately bringing desired components together in your mind to create a desired scenario. In other words, focusing with the intention of inducing positive emotion. When we use the term imagination, we are really talking about Deliberately Creating your own reality.
De Riaje citiralaпрошле године
You have many ways of measuring your success. In your society, your dollars are a measure of success; your trophies are a measure of success—but from our perspective, the existence within you of positive emotion is your greatest measure of success.
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