Patty Jansen

Patty Jansen is an Australian author of science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction. Her works include the Ambassador series, the Icefire Trilogy, the Moonfire Trilogy, the Ghostspeaker Chronicles, and the Dragonspeaker Chronicles.

Patty Jansen was born and grew up in Sydney. She trained as an agricultural scientist and has a Ph.D. Before becoming a writer, Patty worked in agricultural research.

Jansen has published fiction in magazines such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Aurealis, Redstone SF, and the Universe Annex of the Grantville Gazette.

Patty Jansen debuted with the book His Name in Lights in 2011. Since then, she has written many science-fiction and fantasy series, such as the Ambassador series, For Queen and Country, and ISF Allion Alliance. She even has several omnibus editions of her work and several short stories.

Jansen had already established herself as an author of non-fiction texts focused on seashells and coasts. She publishes in both traditional and indie venues.

Patty Jansen lives in Sydney.

Photo credit: IG @pattyjansenbooks
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