Carole Mortimer

Carole Mortimer is a USA Today Bestselling Author and Recipient of the 2015 RWA Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, 2014 Pioneer for Romance Romantic Times Award. She was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 for her ‘outstanding service to literature’. She has written over 200 books, in her bestselling Alpha series, Harlequin Presents, and Harlequin Historical.


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Er—do we know each other?’ she added. For some reason, the man looked vaguely familiar to her.

As far
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‘What brings you to London, Luccy?’ he asked in an attempt to clear his mind of passionate thoughts.

‘Like you, business,’ she said.
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A conversation that had resulted in Sin questioning exactly when Luccy had realised he’d seemed familiar to her that following evening. Before or after he’d come across her with Bridger? After his conversation with Bridger, Sin was betting on it being before.
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