Joseph Wallace

I am thrilled to announce that SLAVEMAKERS, the follow-up to my novel INVASIVE SPECIES, will be published by Ace Books on December 1!Set twenty years after the apocalyptic events ofINVASIVE SPECIES ("You might want to read this one under the bed"--Jack McDevitt), SLAVEMAKERS was a blast to write. I loved being able to use some of the fascinating--not to mention creepy--facts I've learned during my previous career as a writer specializing in science, natural history, and the environment. It's a strange, spooky world out there....Along with another novel--the historical DIAMOND RUBY--I've contributed mystery/thriller short stories to collections ranging from BRONX NOIR to ICE COLD (edited by Jeffrey Deaver); I was honored when my story "Custom Sets" was selected by Lee Child for inclusion in a BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES anthology.I hope you'll enjoy!
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