Dan Fox

Nine Lives is the first novel from the author, Dan Fox. The author writes about life, asking questions and provoking thoughts about emotions and feelings that touch us all. He has a distinctive voice, a unique style of writing which flows and is somewhat poetic. With an incredibly honest approach and a certain rawness, his writing gives a deep and meaningful insight into love and life.

Painting pictures with words, his writing takes the reader on an emotional journey containing many reflections on life, so purposely provoking discussion in the reader’s mind, a quiet contemplation; but without seeking to give a view indeed, it is as if the reader is joining the author on a journey of discovery as he finds these different thoughts arriving within him.

Dan Fox is the nom de plume of Ian Wilson, a father of three who was born into the typical middle classes of an old English seaside town, Ian left for the bright lights of London as soon as he could and after studying law at King’s College London, he spent 8 years in Hong Kong where he soon left behind a legal career as ‘too boring’ and has since built successful business interests that have taken him all over the globe. He now lives in the mountains of Switzerland with his beautiful wife, children and three dogs.

Nine Lives is his first finished novel, with more projects currently under creation.

Further information can be found at www.danfox,ch


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