Alice Miller

Alice Miller is the author of SILVER HAWK WARRIOR SERIES (Vol. 1-9), She is multi-tasking at the moment working on a new novel involving a ghost in a theater and all the mischief he gets into and she's also writing the Stand With You Forever series. Recently, Alice received a message from a reader here on goodreads about Pleasing Prince Renier. Will there be a sequel? Yes. And Micah & the Prince will become bolder and much closer. If you liked this novel, keep an eye out for it...perhaps by June 2016, sooner if it can be managed.Alice lives at the foothills of the Laurel Highland Mountains in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She is of Shawnee, Ojibwe, Swiss and Swedish heritage. She's worked in a juvenile detention center and in various group homes helping youth at risk who had drug, alcohol, legal and family problems. Her passion is writing but she also loves music, art, theater and dance.
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